dr Andrzej Bielecki

Balanced Nutrition™

The currently dominant method of assessing menus is based on counting calories for the three main nutrients, i.e. protein (P), fat (F) and carbohydrates (C). Over the decades of its use, it has contributed to the creation of countless diseases and misfortunes in the lives of millions of inhabitants of highly developed countries.

Proteins are classified as typical energy carriers, which are fats and carbohydrates. It introduced a lot of misunderstandings, especially misinterpretation of the role of proteins in the building processes of the tissues of our body. Their role in the ongoing degradation and simultaneous reconstruction of all human organ cells is underestimated.

The energetic interpretation of protein values ​​suggests their interchangeability with carbohydrates (C) and fats (F). When calculating the total calorific value of a meal in menus, the very important role of protein for human health and life is not taken into account. In fact, food proteins and amino acids contained in their structure, especially those essential exogenous (AMN), play an irreplaceable role of “spare parts” in the human body.

When planning menus, proper care and awareness of the involvement of proteins in the above-mentioned processes of self-rebuilding are not taken into account. Fruits and vegetables preferred in the nutritional recommendations largely displaced proteins in the composition of meals currently eaten. Unfortunately, they have a marginal content of proteins necessary for the reconstruction of the whole organism. As a result, it causes a shortage of essential amino acids (AMN) in the balance of their daily requirements.

Over time, the constant shortage of certain amino acids is the main cause of various diseases. Incorrectly rebuilt proteins in our body lead to chronic and incurable diseases for modern academic medicine.

The new “Balanced Nutrition ™” model of nutrition gives you the ability to control the protein composition of your meals. Thanks to this, we can consciously create menus with a balanced balance of essential amino acids. Thus, we optimally meet the demand for the right proteins, fats and carbohydrates.