Protein means life. Part 1

Low quality proteins in the diet cause disease and shorter life.

A prototype of an innovative digital system for calculating the protein nutritional value of dishes, whole meals and menus.

The title of this article should be interpreted literally, because all search for life in the extraterrestrial universe focuses primarily on the search for organic chemical compounds with structures similar to amino acid molecules, which would confirm by their presence the possibility of the existence origin of life. So far, scientists have not been able to unequivocally find compounds of this structure outside the Earth, and thus it has not been confirmed whether life is known to exist in outer space.

Only on our planet hundreds of millions of years ago there were favorable conditions for the formation of basic biochemical elements that make up proteins, creating favorable conditions for the formation of various forms of living microorganisms, which over time led to the creation of millions of species of animals and plants on Earth.

To understand the life-giving processes taking place in a human, one should remember that our organs that provide us with a proper, healthy life lasting several dozen years, were created in the past by combining various single- and multicellular microorganisms specialized in their functions, ensuring the existence of the entire newly emerging organism.

Each of our organs has a specific structure and composition of proteins for the optimal performance of the vital supply and excretory functions of the whole organism. All human organs and tissues have one thing in common, they are made of appropriately specifically structured proteins, and these in turn are mainly made of 21 different organic compounds called protein amino acids. The names of all 21 protein amino acids along with their internationally valid three- and single-letter abbreviations are given in Table 1.